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Watch Direct Mail Accelerator bridge the gap between direct mail and digital marketing to deliver first-class omni-channel campaigns for a price that delivers incredible value. Driving higher response and ROI, Direct Mail Accelerator tracks and reports on interactions across every channel providing insights that help you create and win more business.
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We're probably getting around $37,000 a month in gross revenue as a result.”



Time is money in any business. And we know you want to stay focused on your business, not the complexities of digital marketing. So we handle everything needed to manage seven key technologies deployed across five channels. Here's how:

STEP 1 - We begin with your direct mail piece and mailing list. Ads are then created and sent to targets' Facebook and Instagram accounts the day your mailer drops.

STEP 2 - Your mailers are delivered and tracked as is every resulting website visit. Plus, recipients who are signed up for USPS Informed Delivery® (over 20 million) receive a pre-delivery warm-up email featuring your message and offer.

STEP 3 - Every call from your mailing is tracked and recorded via a unique phone number so you can gauge the effectiveness of your messaging and sales process.

STEP 4 - Since 80% of sales happen between the 8th and 12th contact, we automatically post follow-up ads to your audience's Facebook and Instagram newsfeeds.

STEP 5 - No leads left behind! Every respondent who visits your website is also retargeted multiple times with follow-up Google Ads matching your mailer's design.

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Direct Mail Accelerator integrates seven technologies vital to achieving your direct marketing goals into a single package. Here's what each does for you:

Social Match

social match

80% of sales are made between the 8th and 12th contact. Social Match uses your mail list to deliver Facebook and Instagram ads to your audience before and after each mailing.

Mail Tracking

mail tracking

Direct Mail Accelerator tracks your mail delivery down to each individual piece, so you can ramp up for increased website hits and call volume.

Informed Delivery

informed delivery

Recipients signed up for this USPS service receive an email reflecting your mailer's design, messaging and offer prior to delivery of the mail pieces.

Call Tracking

call tracking

Each call is tracked and recorded with full demographic and geographic data attached. A true force multiplier for boosting returns from future campaigns.

Online Follow-up Ads

online follow-up ads

We retarget website visitors with Google Ad follow-ups that are proven to increase interest, conversations and sales.

Social Media Follow-up Ads

social media follow-up

Social media follow-up ads deliver your message where your audience hangs out and gives them another opportunity to head to your website.

Lead Match

lead match

Identify and track who comes to your website from your mailing while converting anonymous visitors into qualified prospects. Enables you to easily create a new mailing list of qualified prospects to be used in follow-up campaigns.

We really upped our game and increased our conversion rate from 18% to 47%.”

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