Customer loyalty is big business and Michael’s (a specialty arts and crafts store) recently sent out a fabulous customer loyalty piece that really grabbed my attention. The mailer was a unique size, incorporated eye-catching graphics and fonts, and integrated digital technology through the use of a QR code. So let’s break down this direct mail piece and see what made it so effective.

Direct Mail Piece of the Week: Michael’s Customer Loyalty Mailer


This postcard was a flat oversized direct mail piece designed at 6″ x11″.


One of the most interesting aspects of the postcard was the use of graphics and fonts. The front of the postcard incorporated a “crafty” image with bright colors that would visually grab the target audience. The fonts on the postcard are large and very easy to read, making it even more appealing to the eye. Great that they included social media options as a form of brand engagement.

Printing & Paper

There weren’t any special printing techniques used, the stock was heavy enough that it arrived in good condition.


I received the mailer as is, with no sort of envelope or packaging. A way for this to be noticed more in the mail might have been to use a clear envelope. Oversized direct mail does result in higher response rates, as does direct mail in unique envelopes.


Michael’s is obviously using this piece to drive in-store traffic and increase/reward brand loyalty.

Offer and Call-to-Action

The offer was well presented, relevant and valuable. If any of those three key best practices was missed, the postcard would not be as effective. The call-to-action on this piece was very clear. From incorporating the large 25% Off Entire Order on the front to the perforated coupons on the back, this piece really carried the incentive to get to the store and make purchases. The expiration date was clearly stated on the piece as well, making the call-to-action a little more timely by adding a sense of urgency to the promotion.

Digital Technology Integration

My favorite part, the digital component. I am a huge fan of integrating digital technology into print, and this is a great example. Not only do they have a strong call-to-action, they also utilized a QR code code correctly by telling what would happen if one scanned the code. There was also an option for texting a code to receive savings and mentions of finding Michael’s on Facebook and twitter. Great tracking mechanisms on multiple platforms.


I have to say, this piece is definitely missing the personalization that can accompany a customer loyalty campaign. It would have really been nice to see this piece customized to the recipient. Would have added a little more draw to the item and also would have possibly increased response rates to the promotion. Personalization can go a long way, especially if it’s a store or business you frequent often.


I think this direct mail postcard had some really great qualities that made it very effective. It was able to grab and keep my attention with very little effort on my part. The only thing I would suggest to consider adding to improve engagement and ROI would be personalization, with offers that seemed to be unique to the recipient. Example: “JENNY – As a special thank you for shopping at Michael’s on West Park Row, we want YOU to take an additional 25% of your ENTIRE order when you shop between September 5–10th.” Other than that, you will find me in the scrapbooking aisle of the nearest Michael’s with my coupons in hand (thanks to this Direct Mail Piece of the Week)!