Lead generation is important for any business and Visa recently sent out a great lead generation piece that really caught my attention. Let’s break down the mail piece and see what made it so effective.


This postcard was a 6×9.5″postcard.

Direct Mail Piece of the Week: Visa Lead Generation


The design was a black solid with a screened background and reverse white and silver ink for the text…the effect was impressive and looked very high-end. The fonts were large enough and easy to read. The silver lent itself to the luxury feel.

Printing & Paper

The stock was 24 pt. board and the back side looked like the face of a credit card and had a dull aqueous. What caught my eye besides the design was the postcard had rounded corners, much like a real credit card would.


Visa used this mailing for lead generation: to get the recipient to sign up for a new credit card which offers premium benefits.

Offer and Call-to-Action

The call to action was to apply either on the website or by calling a toll free number. The offer was effective because it was simple: just a quick list of a few key benefits and a large enough to notice call to action and it was large enough and positioned well on the postcard.


This piece had some great attributes that grabbed and kept my attention. Only suggestion would have been to personalize the credit card side with the recipient’s name.