The holidays are huge for restaurants that also provide catering services. This postcard gets mixed reviews so let’s break it down and find out why.

Direct Mail Piece of the Week: Buca di Beppo Italian Restaurant Direct Mail Piece of the Week: Buca di Beppo Italian Restaurant


This postcard was 6×9”.


Sort of rustic homestyle Italian feel.

Printing & Paper

UV used on back side (non-address side).


The postcard was addressed to the owner or Human Resources Director/HR Dept. in an effort for them to schedule their holiday party or catering with Buca di Beppo. It was targeting the correct audience and arrived in early November.

Offer and Call-to-Action

There was no offer—this was more of an awareness piece to make prospects call the national Sales Office to book their party. The headline on the front (address side) was “Banquet Packages & Party Pans to go”. The back side headline was “Bring them to Buca …or Bring Buca to them”.

Digital Technology Integration

None. A website address was listed but was small and not very noticeable.


At the bottom of the postcard, they inkjetted our closest location but no phone number. The inkjetting seems almost like an afterthought and the quality is much poorer than if they had just printed it on the piece.


This piece did not hit the mark. They should have switched the headlines from the back to the front and maybe included a photo on the front side. Ideally, they should have printed the address and phone number of our local restaurant. Further, they should have included some type of offer.