‘Tis the season for catalogs and Shutterfly (a photo book/calendar/holiday card/photo gift company) recently sent out a catalog that really grabbed my attention. Let’s break it down and see what made it so effective.

Direct Mail Piece of the Week: Shutterfly Holiday Mailer


8.5×11” full color catalog


For anyone not familiar with Shutterfly, they are known for their orange color, including the boxes their products are shipped in. The catalog had a wraparound cover that had big orange solids on the front and back cover so I immediately identified it with Shutterfly. It was easy to read and the catalog itself was very visual. Each page was laid out with just the right amount of copy and photos.

Printing & Paper

The wrapper was on a light offset cover stock and was printed full color. The contrasting orange solids with reverse white text stood out nicely. The catalog itself was printed on gloss text and what I would expect for a typical catalog.


The unique feature about this catalog was the coupons affixed to the cover of the wrapper. Two coupons were attached and each had a unique authorization code. They peeled off very easily.


Drive traffic to the website for orders.

Offer and Call-to-Action

Save $10 plus free shipping on qualifying orders. The catalog was highlighting holiday cards and gifts so the offer was relevant and timely and was placed on the front and back cover. The expiration date was clearly visible on the front cover but not so noticeable on the back cover.

Digital Technology Integration



None and I think they may have missed the boat. I am a frequent Shutterfly client and they could have enticed me with a coupon to try a new product I have not bought from them before or offered me a larger value coupon since I do buy so much from them. They email me 40% off coupons regularly so $10 off is insignificant in comparison.


It was a nice mailer and it made me take a closer look at its other product offerings.

Direct Mail Piece of the Week: Shutterfly Holiday Mailer