Making sure your marketplace is aware of your services is a challenge for many industries. National Pool Service recently mailed a postcard that caught my eye. Let’s break down the mail piece to see what made it so effective.


This was a 5.25” x 8.5” postcard.

Direct Mail Piece of the Week: National Pool Service


They used a water themed background and had a photo of a pool and a family having fun in a pool on the address side. The back side had the same water background as the front and included a cute photo of a little girl in a pool. National Pool Service used just the right amount of text and the font was in blue and white to compliment the background. The fonts were large and easy to read, especially the phone number.

Direct Mail Piece of the Week: National Pool Service

Printing & Paper

Standard size and thickness. They used uv coating on both sides. The postcard arrived in good condition.


My favorite part...the reason this piece made such an impression on me: they included a 3.5” x 4” magnet that was tipped on to the postcard. The postcard was uncluttered so the magnet really stood out. Plus the size of the magnet is a bit unusual and it would look great on a refrigerator.


Brand awareness

Offer and Call-to-Action

The offer was clear and easy to read: 25% off pool service. In addition, it was relevant (assuming these were mailed to pool owners) and valuable. There was a clear expiration date which adds a sense of urgency. The “soft sell” was “Pool Care Made Easy” and to “Call us today” with a phone number, website and email all listed together.

Digital Technology Integration

None. One suggestion for them would be a QR code that takes the user to a youtube video of National Pool Service showing off a product or service. That way, a little more of the company’s personality can come out and the end user might learn something new.


None, but not needed if this was mailed to pool owners, which is their target market.


I think this was an effective mail piece because of the integration of the magnet.