Our direct mail piece of the week caught my eye for two reasons: unusual size and fold. As a business, we get a large stack of mail each day and most of the mail is traditional sizes and shapes. So, when a company steps out of the box, I take notice. In lead generation, every direct mailer’s goal is to compel the recipient to do something: call a phone number, visit a website or perhaps visit their store. Pac-Van, a container storage company, this week’s direct mail piece of the week did just that in a very effective way. Let’s take a closer look.


This was a 6” x 6.75” self-mailer.


Direct Mail Piece of the Week: Pac-Van

The orientation of this piece was what stood out: it was 6.57” high and 6” wide. Normally we see postcards and self-mailers set up to be horizontal and this piece was vertical. The address side was dominated by the word “Relax” in caps and in red ink. My eye was then drawn to “Expect More. We’ll Deliver” at the bottom and “Now with Local Delivery from Miami!” at the top. The other side of the mailer was unique: an image of one their containers that said “Open” in large capital letters. It was a gate fold and when the piece was opened, I was looking at the inside of an empty container. The only words were “Load. Close. Lock. Relax”.

Printing & Paper:

There were no special effects used and it arrived in good condition. The gate fold had two tabs to keep it shut.

Direct Mail Piece of the Week: Pac-Van


The unique orientation of the piece was a nice touch.


Lead generation.

Offer and Call-to-action:

There was no offer. The call to action was to call the 800 number listed for more information and to get a quote. They did include the website, although it was very small.

Digital technology integration:

None. They could have included something such as an incentive if you liked their facebook page or a QR code linking to a youtube video showing how people utilize the storage containers and how much you can fit in the container.


Direct Mail Piece of the Week: Pac-Van

None but none was needed. This was a general awareness piece and we do not have any history with this company.

Overall, a solid piece. Pac-Van is selling piece of mind when using their services and they effectively got that point across. I think they could have offered some type of incentive to get a higher response rate as well as more digital integration.