March 6, 2014

Holiday sales are a great way to introduce your brand to new prospects. Tommy Bahama did just that last fall with a very attractive invitation style mailer. Let’s break down this direct mail piece and see what made it so effective.

Format: The envelope was 5.25” x 7.25” and the inside card was 5” x 6.75”. Utilization of standard sizes saves money.

Design: One of the nicest looking mail pieces I have seen. The envelope was printed in a special copper color with burgundy highlighting. There were images of a Christmas tree in the background and there was a tagline “Something Special for under the hula tree”. The card was full color with a photo of a home decorated for the holidays. The Christmas trees on the card were the same as what was on the envelope. The flip side of the card welcomed the consumer to the world of Tommy Bahama with a tipped-on plastic card offering $50 off any purchase of $100 or more and was printed in the same copper color as the envelopes. Screened in the background were more images of the Christmas trees so all the elements tied together nicely.

Printing & Paper: There was full coverage on the envelopes, something not seen very often. The card was printed on a quality matte cardstock which gave it a rich look.

Presentation: Tommy Bahama gets an “A” for visual presentation.

Purpose: To drive holiday sales.

Offer and call to action: $50 to use in retail stores, restaurant and on their website. It was relevant as the offer came in November and the offer expired 12/31/13. Having an expiration date adds a sense of urgency. The offer was clear and easily seen as the card was in red so it really stood out.

Digital technology integration: None except for a mention of the website for store locations or shopping online. I don’t think it was needed as it only clutters up the piece. Sometimes keeping it simple is the best policy.

Personalization: I saw the value in the offer and the quality of the piece so adding personalization was not needed in my opinion.

Overall, I think this was a successful mail campaign and you’ll find me at Tommy Bahama shopping soon!

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