June 13, 2014

Who doesn’t love M&M’s? Even better, customized M&M’s with your choice of color and imprint! M&M’s has tremendous brand recognition and part of their business is customizing them. We recently received a direct mail piece from them highlighting their business offerings. Let’s take a closer look.

Format: This self-mailer was 32” x 8” folded with a gate fold to 8” x 8”.

Direct Mail Piece of the Week: M&M’s

Design: We are used to seeing either brown or yellow packaging for M&M’s and this piece integrated both colors. The brown background is chocolate with gold as the highlight color. The brochure was very appealing. Their photos were professional and showed the many different types of personalization that could be ordered as well as photos of specialty items that could be ordered such as tins and glass jars.

Printing & Paper: The mailer was printed on a gloss text-weight paper with an overall dull coating. It arrived in good condition.

Presentation: We received the mailer as is with no sort of envelope or packaging but none was needed as the product is so recognizable.

Purpose: Sales!

Offer and Call to Action: At the bottom of nearly every page there was a listing with the toll free phone number and/or the web address for ordering. On the front of the brochure, there was an offer of 20% off orders of $200 or more.

Direct Mail Piece of the Week: M&M’s

Digital Technology Integration: None. If the piece were being mailed to retail clients I would have expected more, however, this was mailed to business clients and it was not really necessary.

Personalization: None but none was needed. Instead, they showed how personalizing their product could help my business.

Direct Mail Piece of the Week: M&M’s

Overall, visually this was a great direct marketing piece as it made me open and read it. They did a great job of showing all kinds of uses for their product: as a thank you, to publicize an event or anniversary, personal recognition, or as a leave behind.