April 8, 2015

Sometimes a simple looking piece is full of great techniques to make a direct mail piece stand out. That was the case in this week’s Ritter’s Direct Mail Piece of the Week. Let’s take a closer look at the mailer from Nespresso.

Format: The self-mailer was 16.25” x 10” folded into uneven thirds to 5.75” x 10”.

Design: Simple yet effective. Nespresso limited the amount of text and utilized more photos of its products to do the selling. I liked the subtle use of a beige/brown background that contrasted nicely with the color of the coffee and the black on the coffee machines. They also included a diecut in the shape of one of their K-cups. Nespresso used a company style indicia which is just one more way to get your name in front of the prospect. You would need to have your own permit to use one.

Direct Mail Piece of the Week: Nespresso

Printing & Paper: My favorite part. Nespresso used a heavier than normal stock (12 pt.) and coupled with a soft touch coating, it was a nice effect. The soft touch coating is not expensive and just adds a different dimension to the campaign. They also used spot uv on the word “touch” throughout the piece (in 6 places) and on the diecut K-cup.

Presentation: I received the mailer as is. It was oversized so it did stand out in the mail.

Purpose: Nespresso is using this direct mail campaign to drive sales.

Offer and Call-to-Action: No offer, just a call to action to try their product and a toll-free phone number. My only suggestion would be to have an actual offer of something like free coffee for a month with a year contract. Nespresso is banking on consumers identifying with the quality of their products but is that enough?

Digital technology integration: None. They could have included a QR code that took the end user to a landing page to sign up for the service or request more information or to read testimonials from satisfied customers.

Direct Mail Piece of the Week: Nespresso

Personalization: On the mailing panel, they did personalize it by saying: “Something special for Ritters Communications”. Only trouble was that there was no special offer or anything for us inside. It was a static piece and not personalized inside. Sometimes personalization is done with no clear goal in mind.

Overall this piece had some strong points that got me to open and read it and that’s what any good marketer wants.