July 16, 2015

Having a consistent marketing theme for a direct mail campaign can help create brand recognition. One recent example is a series of mailers we received from Ram Commercial which supplies a series of trucks for small businesses. The backgrounds and images were similar on the two mailers which helped create brand and campaign recognition. Let’s take a closer look.

Format: The first piece was a self-mailer with folded size of 5.75” x 10.5”. Overall it was 10.5” x 13.5” and had multiple inserts. At the top of the piece there were two diecut slits that held two small brochures. At the bottom of the self-mailer, there was a gate folded brochure tucked into a 2.5” pocket. The second direct mail piece was a letter and brochure in a window envelope. The letter was 8.25” x 14” and tri-folded to fit in the 6” x 9” envelope. The brochure was 8.25” x 11” and was folded in half.

Direct Mail Piece of the Week: Ram Trucks Direct Mail Piece of the Week: Ram Trucks

Design: Ram Commercial Trucks used a similar font and look throughout all of the pieces. They used some of the same images of the trucks throughout as well. They had a nice mix of photos to text.

Direct Mail Piece of the Week: Ram Trucks

Printing & Paper: One very nice technique they used was textured spot uv. This mimicked a rough surface. Ram Trucks also used spot gloss uv throughout all the self-mailer pieces. The pieces were all in color and were a mixture of text and cover weight gloss.

Direct Mail Piece of the Week: Ram Trucks

Presentation: The first mailer arrived as is with all the pieces safely tucked inside of the self-mailer. The second mailer was an envelope with the pieces inside and arrived in perfect condition.

Purpose: Ram Trucks is trying to boost sales and traffic to their dealerships.

Offer and Call-to Action: The first piece (the self-mailer) was about awareness and informing the consumer about different types of commercial trucks Ram manufactures. The offer was incentives and a cash allowance. Ram was offering allowances on either equipment for the truck, a graphics allowance, a service allowance or Bosch power tools allowance. The call to action was to visit the Ram Truck website. The second mailer (the envelope) gave more information on the breakdown of the offers for certain trucks and the call to action was to visit the local Ram dealership. They included an address, phone and website for the local dealer.

Digital Technology Integration: Ram listed a website for Ram Trucks as well as a website for the local dealer. To integrate further, Ram could bring the consumer to a webpage where they could design their own truck or request more information or for a salesperson to contact them.

Personalization: The pieces were addressed to someone who already owns a Ram truck. The intention by Ram is to upsell to their current clientele.

Visually these were interesting to look at and the textured uv is unique. I loved the way they included diecuts in the self-mailer to include the different brochures. Overall, Ram Trucks did a great job in building on brand awareness from one mailer to the next.