March 23, 2016

There are few things more exciting than buying a new car. The car manufacturers have gotten increasingly sophisticated with sending information and gifts to the new car owner after the initial purchase. Let’s take a closer look at a recent mailer from Chrysler.

Format: A 6 ½” x 9 7/8” envelope with a 9” x 17 ¾” trifold piece inside. The trifold piece included a diecut pocket with an insert as well as a wire bound book glued inside the piece.

Design: The envelope utilized a tagline in all caps that said: “See inside for important information about your new Chrysler vehicle” so right away the recipient would be interested in opening it because they recently bought a Chrysler vehicle. The back side of the envelope was a large image of Chrysler hubcap and the wording “Thank you for choosing Chrysler”. Overall, the envelope made a very nice impression. The inside piece was very unique with a 5 ½” x 7 ¾” stitched-in book and diecut pocket with a 5 ¼” x 7.5” card that that held a Chrysler keychain. The cover of the piece was a photo of a Chrysler vehicle’s front grille and inside it said “Welcome to the Family” beneath photos of some of the vehicles in Chrysler’s lineup. There was a close up photo of a headlight with the wording “This is what achievement looks like”.

Direct Mail Piece of the Week: Chrysler

Printing and Paper: Both the envelope and the inside pieces were full color. The envelope was printed on a gloss text weight sheet and the inside piece was on gloss cover stock. Both pieces were heavy enough and arrived in good condition.

Presentation: The full color outer envelope is a nice idea but the tagline, for me, really clued me in that this would be something worthwhile to open. The inside piece really did an amazing job of including information in a unique way. The mailer was bulky enough that the recipient would be curious to see what is inside.

Purpose: Loyalty! This campaign is a way for Chrysler to thank their new customers as well as presenting them with useful information about their new vehicle.

Offer and Call to Action: There was no offer as this was meant to be an informative piece as well as a way of thanking the new car buyer. The booklet was a vehicle owner kit with tabs at the bottom of the book that included topics such as engaging with Chrysler, access to apps, how to connect with Chrysler on social media , how to buy Chrysler accessories, address and hours of the dealer’s service center, and even how to apply for a Chrysler credit card. They did a nice job of explaining how the consumer can best personalize/customize their Chrysler experience.

Direct Mail Piece of the Week: Chrysler

Digital technology integration: The vehicle owner kit booklet details in-depth, how to access Owner Connect to find accessories specific to the owner’s vehicle, get offers and coupons on merchandise, service and parts, view manuals, guides and maintenance records and even watch how-to videos that help the owner set up specific vehicle functions. The Chrysler Owner App offers vehicle operating instructions, maintenance and inspection schedules, links to news and social media, dealer locator, etc. I love how Chrysler took the time to really explain what the Owner Connect and the Owner App can do for the vehicle owner.

Personalization: Chrysler did a nice job of customizing this piece: the owner’s name was on the booklet cover, congratulating him for the purchase of a new vehicle and Chrysler included the make and model that was purchased as well as the dealer name. Within the booklet there was additional personalization of the dealer’s service location, phone number and hours.

Overall, I think this direct mailer had some really great qualities that made it very effective. It was able to grab and keep my attention with very little effort on my part. Loyalty is important to car manufacturers as they want to keep their buyers happy so they will continue to buy the brand. This piece was designed to help promote that loyalty by giving the recipient a small gift and important information that will make their car and driving experience more enjoyable.

Direct Mail Piece of the Week: Chrysler