April 27, 2016

Consumers love samples, particularly ones that taste good! I recently signed up to receive a sample of Starbucks K-cup hot chocolate. Let’s take a closer look at the direct mail package they sent me.

Format: This was a box…the size reminded me of a box of checks but with much better contents. The box was 6” x 2” x 3.5”. The box top opened up as one complete piece with a folded coupon flap on the side and the bottom of the box held two different flavored k-cups.

Direct Mail Piece of the Week: Starbucks

Design: The top and sides of the box were made to look like a wrapped gift. Starbucks used a manila-wood-like background color with a red bow, held in place by a Starbucks logo. The bottom of the box was the mailing panel which had a Starbucks logo as a return address. When the box was opened, the short side contained the nutrition facts. The inside cover of the box included directions on how to make the hot chocolate, a photo of two glasses of hot chocolate and an attached, perforated coupon. The bottom interior of the box had two diecut holes where the k-cups were placed. Each k-cup was labeled: classic hot cocoa and salted caramel.

Direct Mail Piece of the Week: Starbucks Direct Mail Piece of the Week: Starbucks

Printing and paper: Starbucks used an overall soft touch coating which really made the piece stand out. The feeling of soft touch is very sensory and really added to the overall uniqueness of the piece.

Presentation: Bulky, oversized packaging really helps increase package open rates.

Purpose: Introduce consumers to Starbucks hot chocolate flavored k-cups.

Offer and Call to action: The offer was samples of classic hot chocolate and salted caramel hot chocolate. The call to action was to use the coupon for $1 off one box of k-cups.

Digital technology integration: None but none was needed. The purpose of this mailer did not lend itself to using any digital technology. Starbucks did print on the box: “Learn more at Starbucks.com”.

Personalization: None but none was needed. I was the one to sign up for the offer and it was addressed to me so Starbucks did not need to do anything else.

Overall, this was a great mailer: from the thoughtful design to the soft touch coating to the rich photo of hot chocolate, this package really hit a home run. I love how Starbucks attached the coupon to the box and it was very easy to detach and use. Let’s not forget how good the hot chocolate tasted!