November 29, 2016

Unusual size + clear envelope + creative die cut=recipe for direct mail success. We recently received this direct mail piece and were wowed by its simplicity yet unique appearance. Let’s take a closer look.

Format: This oversized direct mailer was designed at 3 7/8” x 11”. There was a clear envelope and a sleeve with an invitation inside.

Direct Mail Piece of the Week: Archdiocese of Miami

Design: This piece was four color, however there were three colors (red, yellow and blue) that had large solids that stood out. The wording was reversed in each: “One in Faith”, “One in Hope” and “One in Charity”. The white lettering and white die cut sleeve were in stark contrast to the three colors so the colors really popped. The back side of the insert was one color and illustrates the concept of “less is more”.

Printing and Paper: My favorite part! The silk cover sleeve was die cut so that the colored solids and wording showed through. Extremely effective. There was a small notch on the mailing panel side that enabled the end user to pull out the invitation, which was a silk text paper.

Presentation: This was very noticeable in the mail, partially due to the clear envelope, which allowed the uniqueness of the piece to be seen. Oversized direct mail results in higher response rates, as does mail in unique envelopes. This direct mail campaign is non-machinable due to the size (the size is not in the aspect ratio) so postage is higher and it may take a little longer to mail.

Purpose: Thanking donors and fundraising.

Direct Mail Piece of the Week: Archdiocese of Miami

Offer and Call to Action: The offer was a special cocktail reception with the Archbishop. The offer is valuable as most people never get the chance to meet the Archbishop. The call to action had three ways to respond: via a special webpage, by email or by calling a specific phone number.

Direct Mail Piece of the Week: Archdiocese of Miami

Digital technology integration: None but none was needed.

Personalization: Just on the invitation, nothing else was necessary.

Overall, a very strong piece due to the packaging, size and design.