February 24, 2017

Car manufacturers consistently send some of the nicest, most complex direct mail that we see. Why? To stand out and to keep up with what the other manufacturers are doing. Let’s take a closer look at one of these recent pieces from Genesis.

Format: Genesis used a clear outer 6 ¼” x 9 ¾” envelope with a 5.5” x 9.5” folder and multiple inserts inside.

Direct Mail Piece of the Week: Genesis

Design: One of the most interesting aspects of the piece was the use of large black solids. Rather than using full color photos and images, Genesis used stark black and a little white to convey their luxury brand. Genesis used a reverse of the white in places so the text was easy to read against the black backdrop. In other places, they used a copper gold ink as an accent which really stood out. The folder had a flap that tucked into the front cover and said “Respect Comes Standard”. This diecut flap is not common and added to the uniqueness of the piece.

Printing & Paper: This is where Genesis hit the mark. The folder was on a cover stock and was durable enough to hold all the inserts in two vertical pockets. Genesis used copper foil along with soft touch coating on both sides of the sheets. They also used spot clear uv on their logo. The inside sheets included a personalized letter on text weight paper, a brochure with an overall size of 10” x 18” folded into fourths to 5” x 9”, and three insert cards that were 5” x 9”. All the inside sheets except the letter had a combination of soft touch coating as well as uv.

Presentation: This mailer definitely was noticed in the mail thanks to the clear envelope. We could see the big black solids through the clear envelope. The Genesis logo was visible on the mailing label as well as on the back side of the folder. Using a unique envelope, such a clear envelope, does result in higher response rates.

Direct Mail Piece of the Week: Genesis

Purpose: To introduce consumers to the Genesis brand and model of cars. The brochure talked about the features and benefits of owning a Genesis. Two of the cards were for the two models that Genesis sells. Each had a photo of the vehicle on the front and features listed on the back side.

Offer and Call to Action: The offer was very low key as the real goal is to have the consumer learn more about the brand from the material enclosed as well as online. Genesis did use one of the three cards to publicize lease rates for the two vehicle types it was promoting.

Digital technology integration: None other than listing the Genesis and Genesis financing websites but none was needed – they included a wealth of information in the direct mailer.

Personalization: The letter was personalized and really needed to be since the Genesis vehicles are a big ticket expenditure.

Overall, an exceptionally well done piece. The look and feel of this mailed exuded luxury and it’s a great step in trying to build that relationship with the consumer.