May 22, 2017

Unusual color, a unique fold, and finally, the sense of touch. All these things helped make a recent Sappi Paper direct mailer memorable. Let’s take a closer look.

Format: The self mailer was designed at 24.5” x 27” and folded down to 7” x 9”.

Design: One of the most interesting aspects of this mailer was the use of color images on a non-gloss (McCoy silk cover). In this case, the images look “softer” than they would on a true gloss cover. The effect is very pleasing. Sappi used four points which were overlaid on the four images. The fonts were large and easy to read. The images took up their own panels and on the alternative text panels, there was lots of white space which meant the focus was on the limited type as well as on the four images. Very effective use of color and space.

Printing and Paper: My favorite part of this mailer was Sappi’s use of spot matte varnish, spot soft touch coating and spot raised uv coating. Where to start? The tagline on the mailing side of the mailer was “Four ways to build your brand using McCoy paper and the science of touch”. The piece was printed on McCoy paper, which is a premium, showcase paper. Sappi definitely hit on the science of touch with the printing techniques they used: the soft touch coating makes a piece feel velvety or rich. The spot raised uv coating gave the piece a 3D effect and the texture really played into one’s sense of touch.

Presentation: This piece arrived as is with a clever way of sealing it shut: Sappi made the sealing edge look like the back flap of an announcement envelope.

Direct Mail Piece of the Week: Sappi Paper

Purpose: Sappi is highlighting its line of McCoy papers and is hoping to drive its clients to use more.

Offer and Call to Action: Sappi is hoping the recipient calls their Sappi sales representative or visits the Sappi website. Additionally, the end user can download a copy of Sappi’s guide, “A Communicator’s Guide to the Neuroscience of Touch”.

Digital technology integration: None. One idea would be for Sappi to use a QR code to take recipient to a landing page to learn more about the paper and order the guide from the landing page, rather than the website. That way Sappi could track prospect engagement with this piece.

Personalization: None but none was needed.

Overall, a very strong piece, particularly hitting the tactile elements. The bold orange on the outside of the mailer initially drew me in, then the texture of the piece. Sappi really did a great job showcasing their paper on this direct mailer.