June 14, 2017

Uniqueness. What exactly does this mean? In this case, receiving a direct mailer that is so different from the typical mail pieces sent that we stop and take notice. Audi recently sent a mailer that warrants taking a closer look.

Format: Audi used a clear plastic 6” x 9” envelope and inside there was a 5” x 8” postcard along with a folded brochure.

Design: Audi used white ink on the clear plastic envelope which is unusual and was really noticeable. The postcard has a dramatic photo of the rear taillight and name of the car (A5). The other side of the postcard included photos of a headlight and the window/side mirror. The brochure was one of the most unique I have ever seen: it folded around so it became a 3D carousel of panels/images. The panels could be held together with velcro. The brochure was mostly black ink with reversed out white lettering. Full color images of the cars were on each panel so there was a nice mix of large photos and accompanying text.

Direct Mail Piece of the Week: Audi

Printing & Paper: Audi used a heavy gloss cardstock with a dull coating and the main outer image of the front of the car was spot gloss uv so it contrasted with the dull coating.

Presentation: Using clear envelopes give the end user a peek into what is inside which is a great way to engage. Audi’s brochure was so thick (1/3”) that when it was folded to fit in the envelope that it made for a “bulky” package which also encourages engagement. The end user may be curious to see what is so thick or bulky and will be more likely to open.

Purpose: Audi is using this piece to introduce their new 2018 A5 and S5 models.

Offer and Call to Action: The call to action was to contact the local Audi dealer to schedule a test drive.

Digital technology integration: None. Audi could have included a QR code that took the consumer to a video showing the interior and exterior of the cars or shown a test drive. One other way to interact would be to have a landing page where consumers could sign up online for a test drive.

Personalization: None but none was needed. It may even have detracted from the mailer.

Overall a mailer that was very high-end and engaged the user in an unusual way.