September 27, 2017

Unusual or “bulky” mail gets noticed! Our direct mail piece of the week is from Rice Lake Weighing Systems who mailed not only an unusual piece but one that was bulky as well. Let’s take a closer look.

Format: There was an outer cross shaped envelope that enclosed a brochure. The overall size of the mailer was 8.25” x 4” and was 1/8” thick.

Direct Mail Piece of the Week: Rice Lake

Design: Wow! One of the most interesting aspects of the mailer was the envelope. Not a traditional envelope, but one that was printed full color on a heavy gloss cardstock. The back flap was not a traditional flap; it was a custom diecut envelope with a special flap that tucked into a slit on the back and was held in place by a clear tab. The envelope was a special size with gusseted areas to accommodate the thick brochure that nestled inside. The most unique aspect about the brochure is that it included a pull tab on the side that flipped the pages of small book attached to the larger brochure. Not something you see every day.

Direct Mail Piece of the Week: Rice Lake Direct Mail Piece of the Week: Rice Lake Direct Mail Piece of the Week: Rice Lake

Printing & Paper: There weren’t any special printing techniques used, the stock was heavy enough and it arrived in good condition.

Presentation: Amazing! The thickness of the envelope and its contents were intriguing. Couple that with the unusual envelope and I was very curious to see what was inside.

Purpose: Rice Lake is a manufacturer and distributer of weighing systems and is hoping to sell a certain series of scales.

Offer and Call to Action: This piece is an informational mailer as there is no offer. Rice Lake is using this piece to drive traffic to their website or is asking the end user to call them for more information about this new series of scales. The website and phone number was listed in two different spots on the brochure and was easy to see.

Digital Technology Integration: None. One suggestion would be for Rice Lake to include a QR code that would take the end user to a video demonstration of the scales.

Personalization: None but none needed.

Overall Rice Lake did a great job of creating an interesting, interactive piece that engaged the end user. Attaining interaction is critical in building relationships and sales.