July 30, 2018

Land Rover is a well-known manufacturer of luxury, off-road vehicles used around the world. I find that vehicle manufacturers send out some of the nicest, eye catching direct mail specifically to stand out to the consumer in a competitive marketplace. Land Rover recently sent out a mailer so let’s take a closer look.

Format: The mailer consisted of a 6.5” x 9.5” outer envelope with a 16 page 6” x 9” booklet inside.

Design: The outer envelope was a textured cardstock printed in a dark blue on the outside front and back of the envelope. The Land Rover logo along with their “Above and Beyond” tagline was embossed on the back side of the envelope. The inside of the envelope had a topography pattern which looked amazing and lends itself to the mantra of Land Rover. The booklet was held together by a belly band, with the Land Rover logo and tagline printed on translucent paper which was a nice touch. The brochure had the same typography pattern throughout the brochure except it was silver foiled. The most interesting part about the full color brochure was that the pages were diecut in the shape of a fan. See below:

Land Rover Land Rover

Printing and Paper: The envelope really stood out, not only because of the dark blue coloring, but because of the texture and thickness of the envelope stock. The sensory touch was in line with Land Rover’s off road capabilities. The belly band translucent stock stood out as well, a nice contrast to the envelope and brochure. The brochure was printed on a heavy gloss coverstock which was perfect and the silver foil was a nice enhanced feature.

Land Rover Land Rover

Presentation: Wonderful. Oversized, attractive packaging certainly helps the open rate!

Purpose: Land Rover called this direct mail campaign the “Own the Adventure Sales Event” and was trying to sell or lease their vehicles.

Offer and Call to Action: The offer was: “No matter what adventure you plan, there’s an effortlessly capable Land Rover vehicle to get you there”. There were photos of three Land Rover vehicles, as well as the special lease rates. The call to action was to learn more at landroverusa.com/offers.

Land Rover

Digital technology integration: None but none was needed. This was such a visually interesting package with stunning photography of not only the vehicles but images of “distinctive destinations” so it was not needed.

Personalization: None but not needed.

Overall, a very strong piece that made me want to find out more about Land Rover vehicles. After all, that is the goal of this direct mail campaign so well-done Land Rover.