August 27, 2018

The art of making a marketing piece look clean and uncluttered is often overlooked in direct mail as many companies try and cram as much information into their mailing as possible. A recent mailer by Bonefish Grill perfected this clean look to an art. Let’s take a closer look.

Format: This postcard was an oversized direct mail piece designed at 6” x 11”.

Design: Sometimes a seemingly simple design can look better than a full color design with tons of text and photos. Bonefish Grill used a black and white photo of a chef cutting fish with a single color background on the address side. The back side had the same accent color in the background but the eye was drawn to the full color picture of a fish dinner.

Bonefish Grill

Printing and Paper: Bonefish Grill pasted two 9 point cardstock sheets together so the paper was a very heavy 18 point cardstock so it felt substantial and held up well in the mail. The mailer ended up being more complex than the consumer probably knew: the two 9 point cards were both printed then glued together so once the card was torn off, there was printing underneath that still matched up with the top sheet.

Bonefish Peel Coupon

Purpose: Bonefish Grill is using this piece to drive traffic to their restaurants.

Offer and Call to Action: The offer was very clear and visible on the address side of the postcard: a tear off card with the Bonefish Grill logo on the front and a 20% off coupon on the back side. The layout of the address side allowed the tear off card to stand out and was clearly meant to be used. Bonefish extended an invitation to “try today’s Neighborhood Catch”, which is a locally curated dish to the consumer’s local Bonefish Grill. They mention the selection is always fresh, always changing and created just for that community.

Bonefish Coupon

Digital technology integration: None but none was really needed. One suggestion would be to use a QR code to see the Neighborhood Catch for that area and the menu. Another would be an option for texting a code to receive notifications of savings and mentions of what fish is the Neighborhood Catch that day.

Personalization: None but none was needed. This mailer was intended to introduce the concept of “Neighborhood Catch” to Bonefish Grill clients and the general public.

Loved the design and layout because Bonefish Grill did not try and add too much color to their postcard. Instead, they used color in such a way that it “popped” and was different from all the postcards that typically hit our mailbox.