Colleges and Universities send prospective students lots of mail to entice them to visit and enroll at their school. This mail comes in all shapes and sizes and some is quite creative. That was the case with a recent mailer from the University of Notre Dame. Let’s take a closer look.

Format: The direct mailer consisted of a 6” x 9” catalog envelope and a 5.75” x 17” brochure folded in half to 5.75” x 8.5”.

Direct Mail Review: Notre Dame

Design: Notre Dame is known for its colors: blue and gold. The outer envelope was designed in a unique way: first, the envelope was set up vertical (which makes the piece a flat so keep in mind postage is higher than if it were set up as a landscape or horizontal mailer) and second, the envelope was printed a complete gold solid with some blue accents. The bright gold was definitely eye catching. The brochure was designed to open vertically, which is very unusual, and was printed in the Notre Dame blue with gold accents. The real interesting part of the design was a moveable wheel inside the brochure. The wheel was for the student to spin the wheel to their true passion and see how the student could impact Notre Dame.

Direct Mail Review: Notre Dame Direct Mail Review: Notre Dame

Printing & Paper: The piece was designed with blue and gold as the primary visual colors – there was only a tiny amount of white on the envelope and brochure. How refreshing and colorful. Notre Dame used a heavier than normal cardstock for the brochure which felt substantial.

Presentation: Between the envelope color and the vertical orientation of the envelope, this direct mail campaign was noticed.

Direct Mail Review: Notre Dame

Purpose: Lead generation. Notre Dame is building awareness of their school and ultimately hopes the students apply.

Direct Mail Review: Notre Dame

Offer and Call to Action: None. The wheel in the brochure was designed to intrigue students into considering Notre Dame. I was actually surprised there was no website listed for more information. However, today’s students have many avenues for college information, including social media platforms so it really was not needed.

Digital technology integration: None. They did use the hashtag “begin your #NDJourney” in two locations, once on the back flap of the envelope and once on the front of the brochure.

Personalization: None but none was needed as this was a general awareness piece and was probably mailed to thousands of students.

High school seniors receive so much mail from colleges and universities leading up to their senior year, that it can be hard for a school’s mail to stand out. This piece from Notre Dame does stand out. Overall, it was a unique, appealing, interactive mailer.