October 7, 2019

Car manufacturers are consistent direct mailers to their existing clientele. Bottom line is that they want to keep their customers in their brand. They do this by staying in front of their audience. So, they mail…a lot. A recent mailer from Audi caught our eye. Let’s take a closer look.

Format: Outer envelope was 5 7/8” x 9 ¼”. Inside was a brochure which was 5.5” x 17”, folded in half to 5.5” x 8.5”. The brochure had a pocket on the right side which held seven 5” x 8” cards.

Direct Mail Review: Audi Direct Mail Review: Audi

Design: One of the most interesting aspects of the mailer was the outer envelope. Audi used a white linen stock which is a premium paper and costs more than a standard envelope. Audi used black foil in spots on the envelope, including the back side which is unusual. They also incorporated a clear foil design in the shape of a sun that was present throughout the pieces. The brochure had the same sun logo on the front in a spot gloss varnish. The inside right corner of the brochure had a diecut of the sun design. The other unique feature of the brochure was a piece of white linen cardstock glued to the inside left page of the brochure. The effect was high end quality.

Direct Mail Review: Audi

Printing & Paper: The stock was heavy enough and the mailer arrived in good condition. The brochure and seven insert cards were all done on a heavy gloss cover. Audi printed them with overall dull varnish and pops of spot gloss varnish. Direct Mail Review: Audi

Presentation: The outer envelope design and textured paper plus the thickness of the brochure and inserts made this mailer stand out. The stark white of the paper contrasted nicely with the black foil text on the envelope front and back side.

Direct Mail Review: Audi

Purpose: Audi is using this piece to drive traffic to the dealerships and increase/reward brand loyalty.

Direct Mail Review: Audi

Offer and Call to Action: The theme of the mailer is Summer of Audi Sales Event. The white insert in the brochure lists the savings on each model of Audi’s vehicles, along with the local dealer address, phone number and website. Very subtle call to action. Each of the insert cards highlighted a different vehicle. A photo of the vehicle was on one side and the other side had some interior photos of the vehicle along with some descriptive text. The front of the cards also included logos for 2019 IIHS Top Safety Picks and Kelley Blue Book 2019 Best Buy Awards where applicable, important considerations for many consumers. Direct Mail Review: Audi

Digital Technology Integration: None but none was needed.

Personalization: The recipient is an Audi owner and purchased their vehicle from the dealer listed in the brochure. The level of personalization was adequate. Audi shared all their vehicle information with the end user so they would not feel like they had to stick with their existing model.

Overall, a mailer that checked off many of the boxes: interesting envelope, visually interesting brochure and insert cards and beautiful photography. Commensurate with the sales volume involved, auto manufacturers produce very high-end mailers. This piece is no exception.