December 18, 2019

When someone sends you a large box, most of us would open it right away. The bigger the box the more likely we are to open it. Sharpspring Marketing Automation recently sent us a very unique gift in a very large box. Of course, we opened it! Let’s take a closer look at the elements of their direct mail campaign.

Format: Brown kraft box was 17.25” x 12” x 2.5”. Nestled inside was a piece of acrylic artwork in a frame held in place by four 1” wide plastic strips. There was also a bright green 9x12 booklet envelope with our company name on a label on the front. Inside was an introductory letter, brochure and a dry erase marker. The brochure was 7.5” x 28.5” folding down to 7.5” x 4 7/8”.

Direct Mail Review: Sharpspring Direct Mail Review: Sharpspring

Design: The bright green envelope was an eye-catcher. Because the marker was inside, it was lumpy, increasing the chance someone would open it. The gift was a 11” x 11” clear acrylic wall hanging with a large Ritter’s logo in the middle and a maze around our logo. The picture came nicely attached to a very sturdy corrugated package. Sharpspring even included a screw to hang up the picture. The dry erase pen was meant for people to try their luck at the maze. Extremely clever!

Direct Mail Review: Sharpspring

Printing and Paper: Very creative use of packaging both the outside package as well as how the wall hanging was packaged inside the box.

Presentation: Hands down, one of the most unique packages we have ever seen. Sharpspring had a green label (Sharpspring’s company color) on the front of the box that said “Surprise! Enjoy your custom artwork”, along with their logo. The inside flap of the box gave instructions on how to remove the artwork and hang on the wall.

Purpose: Lead Generation. Sharspring is using this piece to drive new prospects into becoming clients.

Offer and Call to Action: The offer was well presented, relevant and valuable. If any of those three key best practices was missed, the direct mailer would not be as effective. Not only did Sharpspring give us a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork, but they also offered free lunch to our company at our favorite restaurant (up to $250). In exchange, they would host a demo for our team. The offer was clearly laid out first in the letter, which also told us why we were receiving the unique piece of art, second, in the brochure, which told a little bit about why a company like ours would want to use their services, a little bit about what they do and then 5 more reasons to say yes to lunch and a demo. Third, consistent messaging was also on the follow up email.

Digital technology integration: None but none was needed.

Personalization: Personalization can go a long way in establishing a relationship. Sharpspring was trying to fast track the process by offering a really nice gift from the start as a door opener. I think this was a genius idea. Sharpring followed up with an email a few days later to make sure the package arrived and to again offer the free lunch. They also highlighted a few reasons why we might want to work together. Sharpring then followed up with a phone call.

Direct Mail Review: Sharpspring

This campaign rocked! We loved everything about it from the packaging to the personalized gift to the messaging that was spot on to a company like ours. Yes, this campaign was not inexpensive but they were obviously coordinating multiple channels to engage as many prospects as possible. The return on investment on high value services and products allow for high value marketing techniques. Well done Sharpspring!