January 14th, 2020

Catchy, funny, attention-grabber. That’s the best way to describe a recent package we received in the mail from RH Technology Solutions. Thinking outside the box can certainly help with reaching new prospects. Let’s take a closer look at the mailer.

Format: The envelope was 6 1/4” x 9 3/4” and there were four 8.5x11” folded sheets of paper inside.

Direct Mail Review: RH Technology Solutions

Design: Nothing extraordinary on the four sheets of paper – just text and the company logo. The interesting part was a packet of Bayer aspirin attached to the top of the front page. Very clever! The packet also added to the bulkiness of the package.

Printing and Paper: This is where RH Technology did a great job. They used a bright red padded envelope so it felt bulkier. The red envelope definitely stands out in anyone’s mailbox. They used a normal 28# laser paper for the four inside sheets which was perfect for the letter.

Presentation: RH Technology gets an A+ in this department. They used a clear personal return address label so the piece appeared to be from someone you knew rather than from a company. The name on the address label turned out to be the owner and CEO of RH Technology. Finally, they used calligraphy for the addressee’s name and address. It looked amazing and is not something we see very often.

Direct Mail Review: RH Technology Solutions

Purpose: RH Technology is using this mailer for lead generation.

Offer and Call to Action: RH Technology gets another A+. The letter began with the headline: “Is Your Current Computer Guy Causing You to Need One of These?” (meaning the packet of aspirin). The letter lists some common problems people might have with their existing IT company, then transitions into why RH Technology Solutions can help them. The offer is a free IT Systems Assessment, valued at $497. They also included a quiz to find out: “How Does Your Current IT Guy Stack Up?” and a page of testimonials.

Direct Mail Review: RH Technology Solutions

Digital Technology Integration: None

Personalization: The letter was generic but after seeing the handwritten calligraphy on the front of the envelope, I saw the attention to detail RH Technology put into the quality of the piece, so more personalization really was not needed.

Overall, a very strong mail campaign. Grabbing my attention with the envelope, then getting a chuckle from the packet of aspirin. The mailer looked different, felt different (padded envelope) and frankly, was different from our usual mail. The result is one of the most memorable mailings we received in a long time. Because the mailer was hand addressed, it is not automated. A single piece, flat postage for a 2 oz. piece is $1.15. Definitely costs more than a regular envelope but EVERYONE will open this envelope!