March 17th, 2020

As a consumer, nothing is more exciting that ripping open a cool package. Why? Everyone likes to see what is inside! Let’s take a closer look at a recent mailer we received from the Miami Open tennis tournament.

Format: A 7” x 6 3/4” envelope with a hand inserted twenty-four page 6” x 5.5” booklet enclosed.

Miami Open Direct Mail Review Miami Open Direct Mail Review

Design: Loved it! The booklet was mostly full color photos with very little text. This piece is larger than letter mail which also helps it stand out in the mailbox. Postage costs are higher as a result but the return on investment can be significantly higher.

Printing & Paper: The stock was heavy enough – 100# silk text with a dull aqueous coating, which made for a luxurious piece. The envelope arrived in perfect condition.

Presentation: The best part! The envelope is unique…Miami Open used a square envelope which is noticeable by itself but what really made an impact is that the envelope is also a bright orange bubble envelope. The vibrant color of the envelope is unusual and the Miami Open logo has orange in it which I imagine is the tie-in. Orange certainly stands out more in a mailbox full of white envelopes. The padding gives the mailer another dimension which also helps the open rate and we don’t see that many bubble envelopes in the mail. The booklet was wonderful to look thru: full of gorgeous photos of famous tennis players, photos of food and beverage and the dining areas, photos of luxury suites/seating and the venue and stadiums. After looking at the brochure, anyone would want to attend the Miami Open.

Miami Open Direct Mail Review Miami Open Direct Mail Review

Purpose: Lead Gen. The Miami Open is trying to drive traffic to their event, specifically their luxury seating. The photos certainly help the consumer imagine what it would be like to sit in the stadium and enjoy world-class tennis with lots of food and drinks.

Offer and Call to Action: The offer is a VIP tour of the Miami Open venue. The call to action is to contact the Vice President of Ticket Sales via phone or email.

Digital technology integration: The Miami Open included a QR code with contact information for the Vice President of Ticket Sales.

Miami Open Direct Mail Review

Personalization: None but none was needed.

Miami Open did an amazing job in sending a real eye-catching envelope as well as the accompanying brochure. They checked off the “do I even open the envelope” box but then continued check off the “should I look at the brochure” box which is a win for any direct mail marketer.