January 24, 2021

Never underestimate the power of the envelope! Designing an interesting or interactive envelope can elevate your direct mail campaign. Let’s take a look at a recent mailing by CMR Construction & Roofing to see how their envelope played a role in their direct mail campaign.

Format: The mailer consisted of an #11 policy envelope (4 ½” x 10 3/8”) and an oversized, tri-folded letter (9 ½” x 13”).

Design: One of the most interesting aspects of this mailer was the design of the outer envelope. CMR designed the envelope to look like a personalized, confidential envelope, complete with a pull tab notice of receipt. When the recipient pulled the tab, they would see a personal message. The envelope is also oversized which makes it stand out compared to other letters in the mailbox. The envelope was designed with a tan/manila background and the words “CONFIDENTIAL” were printed in a pattern on the front and back. There was a red band with the words “CONFIDENTIAL” across the top of the envelope which was also prominent.

Although this was designed as a standard mail letter, the envelope design does an amazing job of making it appear as a first-class letter. The indicia are a “company style” logo. The company’s name is “Confidential Mail”, helping to disguise the standard mail aspect of the postage.

Confidential Envelope Confidential Envelope

Printing & Paper: One interesting feature of the letter was the tip on of a yellow post-it note. This note was positioned in the upper right corner of the letter so it would show through the window of the pull tab on the envelope. The stocks used for both the letter and envelope were heavy enough and it arrived in good condition.

Presentation: Very unique envelope that would definitely garner attention in any mailbox.

Purpose: CMR is using this mailing for lead generation. They are hoping to replace the homeowner’s roof.

Offer and Call to Action: The offer was a $500 American Express Travel Savings voucher in exchange for completing a 10-point roof inspection. The offer was presented in several locations, including on the yellow post-it note which was attached to the letter. It was also mentioned as a p.s. and highlighted in a box at the bottom of the letter. The expiration date was clearly stated on the piece as well, making the call to action a little more timely by adding a sense of urgency to the promotion. The dollar offer seems valuable but would need to be since the cost of a new roof is typically $20,000 +.

Confidential Envelope

Digital technology integration/personalization: CMR personalized the letter in multiple places: in the salutation, on the post-it note and in the offer section. There were two choices to respond to the mailer: either texting or visiting a personal landing page. It is interesting that they offered two choices and then the choices themselves, rather than just listing a phone number or pushing the consumer to a generic webpage.

Overall, a very unique piece that made me want to first pull the tab on the front of the envelope then open the envelope to read what was inside. The larger than normal size of the envelope and letter, the post-it note and pull tab were all enhancements that piqued my curiosity.