January 6th, 2022

Bulky mail gets opened! Any time I receive a bulky package I am curious about what is inside and always open it. Konica Minolta recently sent us a package — let's take a closer look.

Format: A silver 7” x 7” outer bubble envelope contained a plastic bag which held a 5” x 5” cover letter and a 4.x” x 4.5” gold box.

Konica Minolta Konica Minolta

Design: Wow! All sorts of bells and whistles here…starting with the cover letter. It was printed a full solid of brown with a reverse of white text along with some brown, gold foil and the blue Konica Minolta logo. The colors were the same on the box sleeve and included production notes on the back. Absolutely gorgeous design and a nice use of fonts and images. Easy to read and a nice ratio of text to design.

Konica Minolta Konica Minolta

Printing & Paper: Konica Minolta is a manufacturer of digital printing equipment so I would expect their printing would showcase all their best offerings. They used many print embellishments on this piece including soft touch coating, gold foil and spot gloss varnish. The cover letter was on 100# silk text and the box sleeve was 100# silk cover. There was a smaller 4” x 4” box insert printed on 100# silk text which included the steps used to create the amazing layers of print, foil and varnish.

Presentation: The silver bubble envelope is definitely an attention getter because it is so unique. It also helped protect the box inside. Great job by Konica Minolta to make this noticeable and as a result, drive engagement.

Purpose: Konica Minolta is using this mailer to drive business to their Industrial & Production Print division.

Offer and Call to Action: This piece is a great example of giving something rather than trying to sell the end user. Rather, it is a soft sell. The cover letter stated that Konica Minolta was pleased to share the power of print embellishment with the end user and that they hope it sweetens the end users outlook. Inside the box was a small bag of peanut brittle. The call to action was to call or email the Director of Business Development for Industrial & Production Print if the recipient wanted to learn more about how embellishments could benefit their business.

Konica Minolta

Digital technology integration: None but none was needed.

Personalization: None but none was needed. These were mailed to business owners or those responsible for acquiring printing presses.

Overall, a really strong piece that checked all the boxes: great artwork, amazing packaging and print embellishments. Konica Minolta spared no expense with this mailer but the potential sale of one of their presses would make it worthwhile. Postage is more — how much Bill?