Why Ritters?

Reliability is one big reason customers keep coming back to Ritter’s direct mail marketing services. Versatility is another. We help marketers deliver campaigns, from design and print to mailing, tracking and analytics. We do more, so you don’t waste time chasing and coordinating multiple vendors and work streams.

We can help you target demographics, append contact information and much more. Need a strategy session? No problem. Need to learn what your best customers look like? We have you covered. Ritter's is a strong strategic choice in partners.

Your Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns Delivered

Ritter’s has processed millions of mail pieces for customers in South Florida and across the Southeast. Our clients depend on us for successful combinations of direct mail design, print, personalization and more, and other direct marketing companies simply cannot match our track record. A variety of formats will give you lots of choices for your mail pieces, and through tracking and analytics, you’ll see how your mail marketing campaigns performed, while lowering your direct mail advertising costs.

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  • Mail list processing
  • Secure data management
  • Black and white and full color personalization
  • Inkjetting and tabbing
  • Camera matching
  • Machine-inserting letter and flat-sized envelopes
  • Tip-ons: magnet, paper, and plastic card on-serting
  • Seamless postal validation and drop shipping
  • EDDM - Every Door Direct Mail

We’re Postal Experts

Ritter’s brings an in-depth understanding of ever-changing USPS rates and regulations. Our broad knowledge ensures the most cost-effective choices for your direct mail to maximize postage savings and get jobs into the mailstream on time.

Direct mail tips

Secure Data Management

Nearly every mailing campaign uses data of some kind, so you need a partner who understands how to work with it. We do. Our strong security practices and firewall keep data secure and private. With 256-bit SSL Certificate protection, files stay encrypted during any form of transfer, both sending and receiving.

Make Direct Mail Relevant

Adding variable elements to your campaign could triple response rates. We apply list segmentation and analysis to pull relevant information into outbound communications. Variable data printing lets you tailor each piece to the recipient’s interests, and a relevant, well-timed direct mail piece can make all the difference in moving consumers to a purchase.LEARN MORE

Direct mail is the second most used medium (57%), tied with social media.”

Response Rate Report 2018

Direct mail marketing with multi-channel campaigns

When you integrate direct mail with other digital marketing strategies, it makes all your marketing efforts more effective. The USPS reports that direct mail boosts ROI by 20% when it’s part of an integrated campaign. Tap into our experience in combining direct mail with other multi-channel marketing strategies.