Let’s begin by examining the different types of direct mail pieces in order to get a better idea of how they can be utilized in a campaign. Common direct mail pieces include postcards, letters, self-mailers, brochures, coupon mailers, catalogues, personalized direct mail pieces and packages of all shapes and sizes. All of these mediums can be used in order to launch a successful direct mail campaign.

HOW TO: Campaign Effectively Using Direct Mail

What does it take to launch a successful campaign?

First you need to consider your three critical elements:

  • The list (who you are marketing to),
  • the offer and the creative
  • and copy (the actual graphics and verbiage used).

A company must determine exactly what they are trying to accomplish with the campaign, what their offer is and who it caters to and how they will track the results. Keep in mind, the prospect should be able to gather information regarding relevance, the offer and the call to action immediately upon viewing your direct mail piece.

Direct mail can be used for many different types of campaigns therefore it is important for a marketer to understand the ins and outs of their target market in order to choose a medium based on the potential response rate for that segment. Types of campaigns include lead generation, product or services launch, special promotions, coupon mailers, event invites and loyalty programs.

HOW TO: Campaign Effectively Using Direct Mail

Think about the numbers: 98% of consumers bring in their mail the day it is delivered and 77% sort through it almost immediately. Regardless of the form or medium of the direct mail piece used to get your company’s message to your prospects, it will be a tangible piece of your image in your customer’s hand. When you decide on a campaign idea, call Ritter’s to find out how we can help you put it all together.