November 20, 2014

Snappacks, also known as pressure sealed mailers, are perforated on three sides for ease of opening. They are designed to generate an immediate opening by the recipient. The snap packs may contain time sensitive material or even an attached check or rebate.

Why do snappacks get opened?

  • Snappacks are designed to look like official mail so the recipient may be more likely to open it.
  • The recipient may assume a check is enclosed so they are more likely to open the snap pack
  • Snappacks are often customized with variable data, making the piece more personal to the end user.

What are snappacks used for:

  • accounting statements
  • invoices
  • report cards
  • credit card offers
  • demand letters
  • rebate checks
  • membership cards
  • renewal notifications
  • medical forms
  • financial documents such as: tax liens, foreclosure notices, refinancing informations, etc.
  • direct deposit checks