July 29, 2015

A big challenge for marketers, and one that’s become a must in the age of algorithms, is how to engage with customers. We loved this presentation that was made at the DMA2011 B-2-B Symposium by Mary Miller, Global Director of Marketing at Oak Brook, Ill.-based mardevdm2 on how to communicate with customers on their terms:

  1. Do not initiate contact without a clear objective.
  2. Start with the customer, not with your product or service. “They don’t care about us,” she says. Customers want to solve their problems. “Always make [messaging] about the customer problem and not your product.”
  3. Pick up where the interaction left off. For instance, use a webinar (YouTube Video or VideoBlog) to answer questions rather than to push products.
  4. Don’t ask the prospect for the same thing more than once.
  5. Make the interaction personal and personalized.
  6. Deliver the information that reflects what you’ve already learned about them.
  7. Learn about the customers/prospects in bits… not all at once. “Start with what you know and add as you go,” Miller says. “Add insight and not just data.” For instance, if a customer doesn’t like phone calls, take note of that.