September 25, 2015

Let’s untangle the mystery between reader spreads and printer spreads so you will know how to set up your next booklet, catalog or magazine.

The order in which we see the pages in order from first to last such as a book or magazine is known as a reader’s spread. For example, page 2 would be next to page 3 in a reader’s spread.

A printer’s spread takes into account that several sheets might be printed at the same time on a larger sheet of paper to save time and money. For example, if you are doing a 16 page book, lay the book flat and you would see page 1 next to page 16 ‚Ķpage 2 next to page 15 and so on. So, even though the pages might not seem to be in order, when the booklet is put together the pages will be in the correct sequence.

If we are printing anything with multiple pages, the job should be set up in printer’s spreads or Ritter’s will be happy to do the layout if you provide the book as single pages in order from page 1 to the end.  A helpful tip would be to make a mockup of the pages in order to be sure your book is in the correct order.