March 10, 2016

Next time you are planning a direct mail campaign, use this handy checklist.

  • Specific description of what is being mailed.
    (specs should include paper type, weight, page count, folding description, flat and
    finished size)
  • Number of pieces being printed vs quantity being mailed.
  • Size and weight of each piece.
    (are all pieces common or are there multiple versions that may have different weights
    and/or sizes)
  • Format of the address list.
    (common formats are fixed-width ASCII, Excel, Access, dBASE and FileMaker that can
    be transported electronically over the Internet, on a CD or a DVD)
  • Number of versions being mailed.
    (is it a static piece or variable)
  • Items being supplied to be included with the mailing.
  • Additional functions required.
    (cleansing data, inkjetting, inserting, collating, etc.)
  • Dates to be met.
    (print files received, data received, mail drop date, in-house date)
  • Which type of USPS service is to be used.
  • Postage type.
  • Geographic information for recipients.
    (out of country deliveries, bulk mail qualification, etc.)
  • Postage estimate.
    (typically, all postage is pre-paid)