August 23, 2016

One of the roles I have at Ritter’s Communications is developing marketing emails for our clients. Email marketing has dramatically increased companies’ ROI due to the progressive use of technology among consumers in today’s society. A recent statistic from showed that email marketing is the third overall lead generation source.

Developing emails can have a big impact on your company’s ROI if done correctly. I’ve compiled rules I use when developing an email blast.

1. Have STRONG Content

I’ve found from personal experience that content is everything when it comes to the emails that I open. However, creating content can sometimes be a daunting task because as the creator of the content, we can sometimes steer the content to what we would want to see and not what the recipient would want to see. This is why it is important to analyze prior data of your target market to see what works and what doesn’t work.

While abbreviations have taken over the SMS world, grammar still matters in your emails. It is important to have someone check the grammar content for many different reasons but most notably, it will help with conversion rates. Poor grammar will come off as sloppy and unprofessional.

KISS your content – Keep it simple stupid. I love to read books. But emails should not be books. Emails are meant to convey a short message and drive the recipient to your website for your set purpose. Another point to remember is the length of your email. Length does effect if the email goes to a spam or junk folder depending on the type of email client (gmail, outlook, Hotmail, etc.) you use and the security settings that have been configured.

Remember to clearly understand what is the priority of your email is.

2. Determine when the best time and date to send your email blast.

Determining the best time and date for your email blast isn’t as simple as picking a date on the calendar and a random time. You should ask yourself β€œIs my email blast purpose educational or does it require some type of response?” If you really aren’t concerned with clicks, then Tuesday is an ideal day according to recent studies. However, if your email requires some type of action, later in the week could be more favorable. Research has shown that the most click activity has happened over the weekend because recipients generally will have more time to read through emails and aren’t pressed for time.

The best open rates happen in the afternoon. You will typically see opens happen an hour after your send time. However, if you are looking for some type of action or reply from the recipient, mentioning the ending time will garner more of a response.

Most importantly, know your target audience. There is no standard to an audience but having a good starting place is always helpful.

3. Make your email blast mobile-friendly.

According to a, 33% of emails are opened on a mobile or tablet device. By making your email blast mobile-friendly, it allows the email to be a true size to the screen that the recipient is using. This allows for a better user experience and will increase the click through rate, therefore increasing lead generation. There are three different design techniques that you can use to make your email blast mobile friendly; responsive design, fluid design, and scalable design.

Scalable design is used today because it works both on desktop and mobile devices without utilizing media queries in the css. We typically see scalable design for emails when companies are first starting in the email world and are testing the mobile interface world or if there is not a developer within the company. Scalable design is also used for reliable rendering across all types of email clients.

Fluid designs are intended for simple layouts and for emails with mostly text to flow easily. Fluid designs use a percentage-based sizing technique to adapt tables and images to the screen size that is in use. While fluid designs do not alter the layout or the content of the email, the main benefit is that the content flows to fill the space on the screen.

Responsive design is perfect for email blast campaigns with a large mobile audience. This requires an email designer to have knowledge of media queries to effectively accomplish a responsive design. Media queries are utilized because they allow you to change the layout of emails, adjust size of text, images, and buttons, among other things.

4. Have an effective subject line.

Choosing a subject line can be a challenging task. It is what the user sees first; it has to be something that is impactful. First, you need to keep your subject line brief and clear. By having a clear and concise subject line, open rates will increase because recipients do not need to guess what the email is about. Second, have a call to action. Creating a sense of urgency will encourage recipients to open the email right away. Lastly, personalize your subject line. Adding that personal touch will increase your open rate because you are clearly communicating that this email is intended for them.

You should remember that certain words can trigger spam filters and dump your email blast in that folder. This defeats the purpose of your email blast since most users do not check their spam filter. A few of these words are: percent off, reminder, help, buy, clearance, earn $, Earn Collect, income, free, dear, urgent, and millions.

By having strong content, an effective subject line, and mobile-friendly email, your company can be on its way to increasing its ROI.

Guest Blogger Mary Gualtieri