October 18, 2016

As a web developer and designer, I often create web applications that serve the purpose of showcasing the customer’s product(s). These web applications serve the purpose of another platform to reach a company’s target demographic. But what if there was a way to design and utilize a webpage that generates leads for potential customers?

This is what the real benefit of a pURL campaign comes into play. A pURL is a personalized URL that is created specifically for a certain person. A pURL campaign starts with a direct mail piece that will push a potential customer to that pURL. The potential customer makes the decision to enter their information, usually with the intent to receive some type of incentive.

But why should a company use a pURL campaign?

  1. Increased Response Rates

When a customer sees their name specifically attached to a url, it can add that thoughtful and personalized touch to drive them to a pURL landing page. Then, to really drive home the response, some type of gift or incentive is offered when they fill out a form with their information. This, in turn, increases the response rate of your campaign because it offers that one on one basis to connect with a customer.

  1. Track in Real Time

Purl campaigns are unique campaigns because they allow you to track your responses in real time. When you are tracking in real time, you are able to gather certain information from your customers.

  1. Engage and Understand Customers with better information

Purl campaigns are able to gather and track customer behaviors. This gives companies great insight into who your customers are and what motivates them.

Purl campaigns can be a useful tool to generate news customer leads. Purl campaigns allow you to track responses in real time, increase your response rate, and engage your customers with better information.

Guest Blogger Mary Gualtieri