November 1, 2016

“How come my mailing list has 20,000 qty. names but only 18,176 qty. were mailed?” Great question. The answer is data processing which helps clean up your database and make your mailing list more deliverable. This saves you money because you are not mailing to vacant homes or duplicate records and you are receiving the highest postal discounts.

Let’s take a look at some of the different types of data processing:

NCOA: Because so many people move, mail houses use National Change of Address (NCOA) to update any addresses in your mailing list.

CASS Certification: Your list is standardized using USPS approved software to ensure your list meets postal standards and qualifies for the best postal discounts.

Merge/purge: Several mailing lists are combined, then duplicates are removed.

Dedupe: Eliminating duplicates in the mailing list. Can be duplicate names or duplicate addresses if multiple people have the same address.

Suppression: For example, some of your clients are on your mailing list. If you send a client list, we can suppress those names from the mailing list.

Profiling: Let’s say you have a profile of an ideal client. We can build a database based on demographic and psychographic information.

Data processing can not only help save you money but it can allow you to target better prospects for better results. It can also help you find better prospects that are just like your best clients.