November 27, 2017

We all know that Direct Marketing response is built on several key fundamentals:

  • Targeted mailing list
  • Marketing channel
  • Solid Offer
  • Timing

Each of these elements is important…but, in my opinion, audience targeting that is most important factor.

Reaching the right audience with a targeted mailing list transcends channel. If we are focusing our energy on reaching the right prospects, we can communicate with them through a variety of media, using direct mail as the conduit that connects print, digital, social and even telephone follow up.

The current resurgence of direct mail is predicated on a long history of response. Selecting a targeted mailing list is the only way to reach a specific audience.

In the “old days”, a mailing list used to be something that came on a label. We stuck it on an envelope, put it in the mail and that was that.

Nowadays, a name on a targeted mailing list may come with a great deal of information that allows the marketer to communicate with that prospect on multiple levels and through different media channels.

Let’s examine an Insurance Agency looking for new business. An insurance agent may be selling Medicare Supplement Insurance and select a Turning 65 list. The list will include that prospect’s name, address, and month & year of birth, making it a one-dimensional direct mail contact

But, the agent may opt to append telephone #s for phone follow up, an email address so they can continue the dialogue electronically or match the file to Facebook and create a private audience for digital marketing.  It’s a fact – marketing to that Turning 65 prospect through multiple channels increases response.

Let’s take this a step further. That same person may also be an excellent prospect for other insurance products. The agent has already made first contact for one product…..why not reach out to the same prospects for other offers? Additional data can be included on the file, such as home or vehicle ownership, presence of spouse or children, net worth or lifestyle data that enables the insurance agent to continue the dialogue and enhance their chance for conversion.

Bottom line, regardless of the marketing channel, the value of a finely-tuned targeted mailing list, within any direct marketing campaign, remains irreplaceable.

Dataman Group Direct in Boca Raton Florida provides highly targeted mailing lists geared to reaching the right people at the right time. Marketers can utilize Dataman Group’s lists to blend multiple marketing channels for top response. Call DataDale for more information at 800.771.3282 or email her at

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