January 30, 2018

Research reveals that direct mail can still achieve exceptional results in driving response and action – among all age groups.

A study into consumers’ attitudes towards direct mail reveals that some 79 percent of consumers act on companies’ direct mailings immediately.

From Letterbox To Inbox – an attitudinal print tracking study of 1,232 adults conducted by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) – revealed that consumers view direct mail and other printed communications as essential to their overall experience of brands of which they are customers or in which they are interested. The survey also found that printed direct mail was 10 percent more successful than email in driving consumers to a brand’s website. In addition, 34 percent of recipients claimed they searched online for more information about the featured product or company, while 26 percent kept the mailing for future reference.

Here are some more useful findings from the survey:

  • Printed direct mail is viewed as reliable and trustworthy Respondents highlighted the essential role direct mail plays within their lives as consumers, with 56 percent saying they found printed marketing to be the "most trustworthy" of media channels.
  • Younger consumers more likely to believe that direct mail is here to stay Twice the number of 18-34 year-olds (20 percent) believe that printed direct mail will never be replaced entirely by email, compared to consumers over age 55 (nine percent).
  • Direct mail retained for future reference Some 48 percent of consumers surveyed said they had retained direct mailings for future reference, with 17 percent saying that they do so regularly.
  • Consumers expect direct mailings One-third (33 percent) say they would have a negative view of a brand that did not offer printed communications.
Direct Mail Continues To Deliver