September 24, 2018

Let’s take a look at the potential cadence of a direct mail campaign. Here are a few options:

1 One and done:

Many companies just send one large mailing and hope for the best (otherwise known as “spray and pray”). When they do not see great results, they may abandon mailing altogether. There are a few types of one and done mailings that really are meant to be just one mailing and these include invitations, holiday cards, seasonal mailings, time-sensitive offers and reminders.

2 drip campaigns:

Mail is sent out in a slow and methodical manner, offering relevant content continuously over time to the prospects. The goal is to nurture the prospect and eventually get them to convert to a client.

3 trigger-based marketing:

A more sophisticated approach, which utilizes events or triggers to send mail. For example, a birthday may trigger a special mailing or a purchase may trigger a mailer with a coupon for the next purchase.

4 multi-step mailings:

These involve further reaching out to non-responders. A company may send out a mailing with a purl or gurl that takes the prospect to a landing page. If the prospect interacts with the company, they may receive another mailer geared towards closing the sale. Meanwhile, the non-responders will receive different types of mailings, meant to nurture and ultimately close the sale.

Ultimately it may take 7-20+ different types of touches such as email, direct mail and social media coverage before the sale is closed. The best option is to try a mixture of touches and track the responses by channel. Contact us at Ritter’s to learn more!