October 8, 2018

Simple methods for building your subscriber audience…

Once you’ve cleansed your database and optimized how you send your emails, it’s time to speak to more potential consumers. There are several ways to add subscribers to your email communications, and most of them don’t involve any new-age tricks. Remember, you’re seeking subscribers who want to hear from your brand, not just names you can buy.

1 Create great content

It may sound trivial, but good content keeps existing subscribers and attracts new ones. Remember, content doesn’t have to reside in your email. It can live online ‑ on your YouTube channel or website, for example – and be delivered via your email communications. The days are over where every item in an email has to lead directly to a sale. Emails can be about brand interaction and ‘soft-selling’ with brand-related content. If it’s done well, your emails may even get shared or forwarded.

2 Provide an incentive

People love to win things. Even if the odds are stacked against them, your social media followers are often more than willing to register their email in return for the opportunity to win something. You can even reward people for subscribing to your newsletters. In that case, the carrot you dangle could be a special discount on a future purchase.

3 Use all your available ‘contact’ resources

Take advantage of other places to collect emails. Non-web locations like trade shows and external company events can provide great opportunities to gather new subscribers with a keen interest in your brand.

4 Make it easy and obvious for users to opt-in for content

Include an opt-in link at the bottom of all web pages that users will be engaged in, at the top of your sidebar (if you have one) and on your ‘About’ page. The About page is where people go to find out more about your company, so take full advantage of this interested audience by making it easy for them to elect to hear from you.

5 Promote the benefits of becoming an email subscriber

Do you offer special deals or incentives that can only be found in your weekly subscriber email? Let your customers know the benefits of being privy to whatever bonus comes in your email communications. Tell them on the receipt they get in-store or on a banner on your website’s home page.