February 27, 2019

1. Signage, messaging, and special offers should be clear and concise. Check out the range of sight and legibility of any signage you are using by walking toward your exhibit and observing the distance at which you can read your messaging. Is it long, medium, or close range? Your company logo should also be oversized so it can be spotted from a distance.

2. Build it and they will come. Only if you give them a great reason! Think about catching their eye with movement and action using interactive media, opportunities to experience virtual reality presentations, games or contests, prize wheels, infotainers, or refreshment and charging station lounges. Don’t be one of those boring booths!

3. Have a pre-event social media strategy. Getting social should start long before the doors to the trade show floor open. Follow the sponsoring organization of the event, use their hashtags in your own posts, re-tweet, and build anticipation about what you’ll be offering or showcasing at the show.

4. Be the first to follow up.Studies show that on average 54% of attendees you had dialogue with at your trade show would be willing to hear from you again after the show and talk further, while only 22% of exhibiting companies follow up within 24-48 hours!

5. Look up. Don’t be limited by your booth dimensions on the ground. Create an eye-catching ceiling of balloons or banners that can be seen from afar.

6. Video. Invest in a great video presentation to start the sales cycle right there in the booth. Keep in mind that transparency and authenticity are paramount when you’re creating marketing videos today.

7. Interactive experiences. Consider digital quizzes to test the visitors knowledge on fun topics related to the industry or the show and award prizes. Host on-the-spot quiz competitions where attendees compete for prizes. Have tablets readily available for attendees to take short surveys and post the results on a live board for everyone to see in real time.