February 2, 2020

We recently hosted a webinar: Think Outside the Mailbox. Joe Manos, Executive Vice President of MindFire, Inc. joined our own Steve Ritter to discuss why you must consider using direct mail as part of your marketing mix, top direct mail trends you need to leverage in 2020 to drive improved results and stay ahead of the competition and direct mail “pro how-to tips” from leading professionals in the industry.

Here’s a link to the webinar:

Go to Webinar

Highlights include:

5:05 - Direct Mail’s unique advantages

6:50 – 3 Stats on e-mail overload that will and won’t surprise you.

8:00 – Millennials and how they respond to Direct Mail.

12:15 – “The numbers don’t lie” stats for direct mail engagement and ROI

13:30 – The Data Side – getting it right before you start

17:30 – Direct Mail Trends including Informed Delivery, coordinating digital channels with direct mail, how other companies are creatively leveraging direct mail, QR code resurgence, augmented reality, social media integration, intent data, how to save on postage and more.

37:08 – Must have’s for success – the objective, the list, the offer, the creative, action plan and follow up, what can we do better?

43:40 – Personalization stats and why

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