April 6th, 2020

If you're not leveraging your case studies, you are missing out on a big opportunity to showcase your products or services. These simple ideas squeeze more ROI from your case studies.

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10 great ways to use case studies in your marketing

  1. Build a dedicated case studies page on your website. Include a “share” button and offer a downloadable PDF.
  2. Include a case study “teaser” on your home page with a CTA to view more, linking to your dedicated case study page.
  3. Use a discreet “slide-in” style CTA on certain services or product pages on your website that links to a case study featuring that product or service.
  4. Write a blog post about each case study with the focus on the organization you featured in the case study, not on your company.
  5. Video content is all the craze (podcasts too!). Compliment your written case study with a video or podcast of your interview with the person(s) representing the company featured in the case study.
  6. Can’t do a full video? Using your cell phone, make a casual video of the interviewee talking briefly about a few key points in the case study, ending with an invitation to read the full case study online. Keep it short and post on your company’s social media and website, with a link to the written case study.
  7. Share links to your case studies on your social media channels and tag the customer in the post. Don’t forget to add your case study to your LinkedIn page as a publication or similar resource.
  8. Print it! Sales teams love to have it as a tangible sales tool.
    • Incorporate your case study into your publication or newsletter.
    • Design a branded “one-sheet” for your sales team to use.
    • Drop it in the mail with a personalized letter as part of a lead nurturing campaign.
  9. Add a link in your email signature to your website case study page.
  10. Create an e-book version of the case study that can be emailed or downloaded as part of an email marketing campaign, or used in a presentation.