June 26th, 2020

Ready Or Not ....

You probably remember the childhood game “Hide and Seek” when the seeker would say, “Ready or not, here I come!” But the reopening of businesses in the midst of the coronavirus isn’t child’s play. If customers think you’re not ready with essential safety precautions, they won’t risk coming through your doors.

What can you do to make sure customers are confident in your commitment to their safety? The tools needed will vary to some degree depending upon the business or the service being provided. Here’s a list of frequently needed items:

  • Exterior Signage — Examples include banners, sidewalk sandwich signs, feather flags, and window decals. Not only should the message be that your business is open but also that you are committed to your customers’ safety.
  • Interior Signage — Floor decals, posters, banners, and directional markers are among these items. They can give customers instructions to help them navigate through your business and should let them know their safety is your top priority. Also, make sure any floor decals are non-skid to avoid possible slip-and-fall injuries.
  • Reusable or One-Time Use Items — Restaurants, gyms, and the hospitality sector in particular need these materials. Reusable items must be laminated in a manner that allows them to be disinfected. If your business opts for one-time use, be sure those materials can be recycled ... and promote that fact as a good steward of the environment.
  • Acrylic Dividers — For businesses where employees and customers will inevitably be in relatively close contact or where there is a customer waiting area, having these dividers as a shield against spreading germs is a must! Don’t forget you can also use static cling or removable decals on the dividers to promote special offers. Your key suppliers might be willing to help offset these costs by featuring their products.
  • Hand Sanitizer — This should be readily available for customers. Even better, have branded packets of hand sanitizer your customers can take with them to help keep them safe when they leave your establishment while also promoting top-of-mind awareness for your business.
  • Face Masks — At the very least, you should have disposable masks available to help keep your employees and other customers safe. If you opt to offer free reusable masks, make sure they feature a great design along with your brand on the mask, making it a walking billboard for your business. Another terrific idea is selling the masks at or below cost and promoting that all sales will be donated to a worthy local charity such as a food bank. Keep a visible tally of how many dollars have been donated with sincere thanks to your customers for making that possible! Matching those donations with company funds takes this initiative to the next level.

What else are customers looking for?

Recent research indicates businesses that focus on connecting with customers on an emotional, human level will ultimately increase loyalty and sales far more than those that don’t. Ask your customers how they are doing and how they feel about their experience at your business. Let them know you’re looking for ways to make things better for them.

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The CDC has free, downloadable templates on their website for a wide range of printable items in multiple languages.
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