July 19th, 2020

Saturate target-rich areas with EDDM

You need groceries. You need a haircut. You’re craving a carry-out dinner. Are you willing to drive 30 minutes for these products or services? In most cases, the answer is very likely no. So why would your business spend valuable dollars marketing to consumers who aren’t willing to do that either?

Consumer behavior has remained consistent for the distance from home they will travel, which is typically around 15 minutes or roughly within a five-mile radius from a business. Even with the move toward more online ordering and expanded delivery options resulting from Covid-19, consumers still strongly prefer to buy from businesses they consider to be in their neighborhood.

What Businesses Benefit Using Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)?

With EDDM, you can cost-effectively saturate prospect-rich neighborhoods with your marketing message. EDDM is the perfect tool when the product or service offered by your business is something everyone wants or needs. Among those business sectors are:

  • Restaurants and Retail Stores
  • Health Clinics/Hospitals and Medical Professionals
  • Attorneys and Tax Preparation Specialists
  • Insurance Agents
  • Real Estate and Moving/Storage Companies
  • Churches and Service Organizations
  • Salons and Spas
  • Auto Repair and Maintenance
  • Home Improvement, Pool Services, Landscaping, and Pest Control
  • Heating & AC Companies and Electricians
  • Political Campaigns

How Does EDDM Work?

EDDM is an incredibly easy way to launch your promotional campaign! To get started, the USPS has an easy-to-use online dashboard. First, select your audience by zip code which will then display a map. Next, click on the map to select neighborhoods that are referred to as carrier routes.

You’ll see options at the top of the dashboard for demographic choices including age range, income level, and average number of people in a household. You can also select just residences, just businesses, or both. When you hover with your mouse over a selected carrier route, the top of the dashboard then shows how many mailing addresses match the criteria you’ve selected. There’s also an option to “Show Table” which will display all carrier routes in the zip code with a summary for each route of your demographic choices. This empowers you to quickly refine which areas best fit your ideal customer profile.

What Are Other Advantages of EDDM?

In addition to the demographic research already being done for you, some other advantages of EDDM are:

  • No need to buy a mailing list, which is an additional cost that squeezes today’s tight budgets.
  • No need for you to have your own postage permit that is also an additional cost.
  • Discounted postage that can be as low as 16.4 cents per piece.
  • Flexibility in mailing sizes, ranging from as small 6.5" x 9" to oversized postcards as large as 12" x 15" that offer increased mailbox visibility and larger messaging platforms.

We Make It Easy for You!

Ritter’s has the EDDM expertise to help save you money, deliver materials to post offices serving different targeted zip codes, and print the mailers you need. Of course, we’re also great at producing attention-grabbing designs that tell your story and protect your brand! Let us show you how easy it is to launch an EDDM campaign. Contact us today.