August 18th, 2020

Do you have every customer you could ever want? If the answer is yes, please accept our hearty congratulations!

But more likely, you need to continue building a database of high-quality prospects so you can convert them to customers. And remember, you have to constantly fill your customer bucket from the top because it always leaks from the bottom.

How Do You Find Excellent Leads?

Beyond the prospects database you already have that was built (hopefully) using criteria from your Ideal Customer Profile, how do you find these people? The good news is you don't have to find them because they've already found you!

You've probably spent valuable marketing dollars on your website's SEO initiatives to increase traffic. Many companies use paid consultants to do in-depth audits. Plus, there's the cost of resources to continually implement updates along with personnel reviewing your site's analytics to determine ROI, discover trends, and make recommendations for the next set of improvements. Lather-rinse-repeat ... the cycle continues, as it should.

Let's assume that hard work and investment has achieved the increased traffic you wanted. That's great, with job well done accolades all the way around, right? Not so fast with breaking out the bubbly! Did you know 96% of your website visitors will bounce, taking no action beyond landing on a page the search results led them to? These anonymous visitors have expressed an interest in your product or service but then disappeared into cyberspace without generating one penny of revenue.

So, What's the Solution?

Thank goodness, technology to the rescue once again! Up to 70% of these visitors can be identified. Even better, through an interplay of information systems, visitor profiles can be built that not only include mailing addresses but can also be further appended with a range of quantitative data such as age range, income levels, home ownership, family size, and other valuable characteristics.

You can then follow up with these prospects using a targeted print and omni-channel marketing campaign to strategically convert them to customers. And, by analyzing commonalities among these new prospects, you may discover trends in your customer profile you hadn't known of before.

Don't Leave Money on the Table!

Ritter's patent-pending LeadMatch technology uses IP addresses, device IDs, and cookies in a 300+ point matching process to capture your anonymous visitors for just pennies per data record. With accuracy of 95% to residential addresses, you can mail to these new leads and realize a response rate from 9% to 19%!

The customizable dashboard gives your business point-and-click access to each lead. You can also identify what pages were visited so your business can further benefit from more targeted messaging and offers.

Start capturing these high-quality prospects and boosting your ROI by contacting us today!

Convert Website Visitors to Leads