It's no surprise that in today's world, where everyone has a phone in their hand or a tablet in their lap, the absence of available information can make or break the success of a business ¬especially if a business is just opening or moving to a new location.

Consider this: A study done by Google and Neilson, a leading global information and measurement company, found that close to 20 percent of searches about businesses were done on the go. Seventy-seven percent were done at home-and when the searchers decided to act, 55 percent did so within an hour.

Targeting your direct mail can tap into the immediacy of a buying decision. A good example is McNellie's restaurant in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They created a campaign that included personalized maps from each home to McNellie's so recipients could easily visualize themselves visiting the restaurant Additionally, to make it easier to act quickly, they added a $10 coupon with an expiration date.

The campaign was sent to approximately 2,500 people, and nearly 600 coupons were redeemed.
In other situations, social and website channels could be used to continue to market to those customers who took advantage of the special offer. Online channels offer outstanding opportunities to clean up information lists, engage audiences with additional offers and coupons, and entice new audience members to become part of your circle of influence.

Aside from the time and potential staff expense, online engagement is less expensive. So when you do invest in your next mailing campaign, it is more effective as a targeting tool.