A survey of small - and medium-size retailers places email marketing as a winner for acquiring and retaining customers. Email Accelerator adds a second powerful win: integrated social media and retargeting advertising.

Plus, in times when you need to make the most of every marketing dollar, it delivers another huge win:

First Class digital omni-channel marketing you can afford. For mere pennies per piece and without adding to your workload or launch time, Email Accelerator integrates five key digital technologies into your campaigns. Together, they bring you the power of heavyweight digital omni-channel marketing at a remarkably low price!

All with incredible ease and reporting. Email Accelerator automatically handles everything needed to raise response and ROI:

  • Creates, matches and sends social media and retargeting ads
  • Tracks responses across all channels (including telephone!)
  • Identifies those who visit your website from your emails—giving you insights to build more campaigns and win more business

How it works

We get it: Running your business is your top priority, not integrating digital marketing programs into your email campaigns. So we manage everything it takes to deploy key technologies across five critical channels. Here’s how, step-by-step:

STEP 1 - We begin with your email and your list. Social media ads are created and sent to targets’ Facebook and Instagram accounts the day your campaign begins.

STEP 2 - From email opens to website visits, every click is tracked.

STEP 3 - All calls from your emails are tracked and recorded via a unique local or 800 number so you can gauge the effectiveness of your messaging and sales processes.

STEP 4 - 80% of sales happen between the 8th and 12th contact. Email Accelerator generates these essential, targeted touchpoints by automatically posting social media follow-up ads.

STEP 5 - Follow-up ads leave no prospect behind! Everyone who clicks to your website is retargeted multiple times with Google Ads matching your email’s design.

Lead Progress


In a single, easy-to-use package, Email Accelerator integrates the five digital technologies that are vital to driving higher ROI:

Social Match

social match

80% of sales are made between the 8th and 12th contact. Social Match uses your list to deliver Facebook and Instagram ads to your audience during and after each email blast.

Call Tracking

call tracking

Each call is tracked and recorded with full demographic and geographic data attached. A true force multiplier for boosting returns from future campaigns.

Online Follow-up Ads

online follow-up ads

We retarget website visitors with Google Ad follow-ups that are proven to increase interest, expand interaction, and boost sales conversions.

Social Media Follow-up Ads

social media follow-up

Social media follow-up ads deliver your message where your audience hangs out and gives them another reason to head to your website.

Lead Match


Identify and track who clicks to your website, not only from your emails but also anonymous visitors you can turn into qualified prospects. Enables you to easily create a new mailing list of potential customers for follow-up campaigns.