Identifies website visitors

LeadMatch integrates cutting edge technologies into a single system that tracks and records exactly who has visited your website—whether or not they took action.

It all starts with a single pixel… Visitors to your site are assigned a tracking pixel that enables us to identify their residential mailing address. Our patent-pending technology uses IP addresses, device IDs, and cookies in a 300+ point matching process to accomplish this.

Lead Match Pixel Code

The results. A dashboard customized to your business gives point-and-click access to each lead. With this information you can:

  • Download your postal list of website visitors daily, weekly, or on-demand.
  • Implement a direct mail retargeting campaign to follow up with your website visitors, increasing conversions by up to 70%.
  • Enhance your data by appending names, phones, emails, and demographics. Hand off to your sales team or use for future omni-channel marketing campaigns.
  • Identify what pages they visited to provide more targeted messaging and offers.
Lead Match Pixel Code