With so many digital channels to choose from, how do you know which one is going to be the most effective for your marketing efforts? It’s not an easy question to answer if you have your digital marketing in separate silos. For example, if you have a video company, an SEO agency, PPC campaigns in-house and a social media pro, chances are they are not all talking to each other. They rely on you for direction and you rely on them for analytics. These channels all have their own objectives and key performance indicators. It leaves them cut off from the overall picture unless you provide it to them.

The big picture is another common challenge when working with so many digital channels. How do you know that someone engaged with you through a Facebook ad and then responded to a direct mail piece before finally requesting an appointment because they saw the third e-mail in a nurturing campaign? You need a platform that will help you figure that out. The truth is that it’s different for every company and the only way to truly be effective is to consistently test your channels.

At Ritter’s we have a platform that can help you coordinate and determine what channels are the most effective at driving engagement. More importantly, it can show you what combinations of channels are working best.

As far as “where to start”, there are best practices involved in setting up a campaign strategy and that’s where Ritter’s can help you. Even if you are already running campaigns, you can integrate existing accounts and allocate a portion of your budget, and start measuring how it all works together. Call us at 954-771-7204 to schedule a quick 15 minute conversation about how to combine and leverage your marketing channels.

Here are a few channels we work with:

IP Targeting – The most common option is to support a direct mail list with digital ads on multiple networks. You won’t own the information to target these unless they click through to your landing pages and you get them to complete an action such as submitting a form.

Retargeting – Similar to social media retargeting, anyone who visits your website will be tracked via a code snippet and while they are surfing on sites with advertising, your ads will be placed for them to see.

Social media retargeting – Place a snippet of code on your relevant website pages to retarget visitors while they engage on various social media platforms.

Banner ads – They can be used similarly to social media ads and are often coordinated with social media retargeting. Social media targets only their respective communities but banner ads are placed on entire advertising networks, expanding your reach.

SMS – Texting is an effective way to help run an event or tradeshow schedule. With double opt-in requirements, anyone in your SMS target list is asking for this kind of communication.

PPC – We can integrate advertising on search networks into our platform and campaigns without disrupting existing accounts or administration. We simply use a URL that directs that traffic through our process.